Program 2019

Oct. 6, 2019

10 Uhr

Manual Brew Workshop

Manual Brew Workshop

THE BARN Roastery


Focusing on V60 and Aeropress, we will evaluate differences in techniques, share our recipes and methods, and discuss the finer points of brewing the perfect cup. We will dig deep into the details, going over each and every variable that could make or break your brew.

11 Uhr

Grosser Markt

Grosser Markt

Markthalle Neun

The festival' finale is the big market on Sunday under the roof of the historic Markthalle Neun. More than 30 roasters and many more enthusiastic coffee people will be showing what they do differently – and most importantly what change tastes like! Taste yourself through numerous coffee varieties and roasts, discuss transparency in the coffee trade at our Coffee Talks and stock up on the latest coffee roasts and everything else you need to make really good coffee at home.
Don't forget to bring your own favourite cup or alternatively use our deposit cappuccino cup – the coffee market's free of disposable cups!

Coffee Talks


Global Sustainability Challenges in the Food System with Anna Åhnberg // Oatly

12:30 - 13:30

Bringing Economic Freedom to Coffee Producers with Mat North // Raw Material


Commodity Trade vs. Specialty Trade with Line Cosmidis // Falcon Specialty


Berlin Batch Project: Costa Rica Don Sabino Micromill Presentation by the producer himself with Steven Vargas // Don Sabino Micromill & Simone König // Cafe Imports


The Pledge – Eine Bewegung die sich der Transparenz im Kaffeehandel verschreibt mit Jonas Lorenz, Katharina Scholz (in German)


Taking Robusta coffee to the next level with Constantin Hoppenz // Macenta Beans

Admission fee is 8€ – all black coffee to try is included! You can get your ticket right at the venue.
Admission's free for kids, neighbours of Markthalle Neun (Zip Code 10997) as well as everyone with a "berlinpass".

14 Uhr

Sensory Analysis

Sensory Analysis



We begin by defining olfactory and gustatory (smell and taste), followed up with a test for each. You will learn about the different tastes and smells, how they relate to coffee, and what we are looking out for. Finally, we will conduct a cupping session to teach you how to evaluate coffees. You will leave with the sharpest taste buds in town.

16 Uhr

Final Festival Drink at THE BARN Neukölln

Final Festival Drink at THE BARN Neukölln

THE BARN Café Neukölln

Unwind with us after the market day with a final festival drink at our cafe just off the Maybachufer. Close out a busy week with a relaxing drink at our Neukolln cafe - just a short 15 minute walk from Markthalle Neun.