We need to talk about coffee.

Over the past few years, Berlin, Germany and Europe have seen the development of a coffee scene that is overflowing with curiosity and enthusiasm: Cafés and roasters that are intensively concerned with the origins of their coffee and work to highlight the great variety of flavours instead of roasting them away.

And yet, while no other beverage is drunk as much as coffee in Germany – 160 litres on average per year by each of us – our beloved drink is in crisis. The market price for green coffee has dropped so markedly in the past months that farmers can hardly make a living from it. Facing this inconvenient truth, how can a sustainable future in coffee look like?

We believe it begins with the appreciation of all steps involved in making good coffee. With the fifth edition of the Berlin Coffee Festival we want to show how small-scale farms and roasteries can actually make a difference. We’ll be introducing the Berlin Batch: Coffee from one farm in Costa Rica, uniquely roasted by the different partaking roasteries, jointly imported and traded in full transparency. We want to underline what is important to us: understanding for all the steps needed for good coffee and a transparent value chain from which everyone benefits: Farmers, roasters, the taste.

The Berlin Coffee Festival is a platform for independent coffee businesses with a progressive approach. Experience and discover Berlin through coffee, when all the small and large cafés and roasters open their doors at the same time to give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

Let's talk coffee!