Where did the initial idea for the festival come from?

For some years now there have been countless coffee festivals all over Europe and the world. We had the opportunity to visit some of them and gather our experiences. What we have always missed, however, is the opportunity to get to know the city and the different places that make the city a great coffee experience. Therefore the main idea of the festival is the satellite program. In a decentralised way, many of the roasting sites and cafés organise their own workshops, tastings and lectures. This allows you to get to know the people and creators directly and gain an insight into why and how Berlin has developed into a coffee Mecca. The whole festival ends with our big market day. There you can try countless types of coffee under the roof of the Markthalle Neun and stock up on everything related to coffee. There will also be a series of lectures with various international speakers as well as plenty of information on the green coffee trade.

For whom is the festival meant to be for?

The festival appeals to all coffee connoisseurs and those who want to become one. Whether beginner or experienced barista, all workshops and events are open and welcome everyone. It is also a very good opportunity for gastronomes to inform themselves about the possibilities in the coffee industry and to find new partners.

Can I bring my dog?

On the big market day, in the Markthalle Neun, dogs are unfortunately not allowed. All events within the satellite program have their own rules, which shall be asked for direclty.

Is this a child-friendly festival?

Children are absolutely welcome! Children and teenagers have free access to the market day. Unfortunately, we cannot speak for the events during the satellite programme. Please ask if you are uncertain.

When does the festival start?

The festival starts with the first workshops and presentations on 1 October 2019 all over Berlin.

Do I need tickets for the different events?

You can find the whole program here. Only for events with a ticket link you have to register or buy a ticket. For the market day you can purchase the Early Bird Tickets, with which you get to enter the hall quicker and will receive a goodie bag. Or you can just simply pay at the entrance of the market.

When is the big market day?

The market day is on 6 October 2019 in Markthalle Neun. There you can get to know more than 30 exhibitors and taste through all of their coffee.

What does a ticket for the big market include?

With the ticket you get the opportunity to try countless different (black) coffees for free. There is also a stage with talks about the coffee trade and production. We offer tours with special contents that run across the market.

How can I taste all those coffees on the market?

At the entrance of the market you can borrow a cup for a deposit and return it at the end. You are also welcome to bring your own mugs and cups. There are no disposable cups on the whole market!

Is the festival accessible for wheelchairs?

Markthalle Neun has is accessible with a wheelchair. Unfortunately, we cannot speak for the venues during the satellite programme. Please ask if you are uncertain.

Will there be food at the market day?

In Markthalle Neun there is a wide range of great food to keep you going all day. There will also be vegetarian and vegan food options.

Will there be a cloakroom at the market day?

Unfortunately, we don't have a wardrobe. Please pay attention to your clothes and bags. We cannot take any responsibility for loss or theft.

Will there be photographers and filming?

Yes, there will be photographers and reporters during the whole festival and especially during the market day.