Berlin Batch

We’re introducing the Berlin Batch: Coffee that is individually roasted by the partaking roasteries, but comes from a single farm and has been jointly imported and traded in full transparency.


Origin of the Berlin Batch is the Vargas family’s Don Sabino Micromill located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. A father-son project: Hiver and Steven Vargas are growing coffee on several plots of farmland and have been processing it themselves since 2011, an important step in improving the coffee’s quality. For the Berlin Batch, three slightly different coffee varieties were selected for the roasters to choose from.

Import – Farm to Cup

Coffee importers, like our partner Cafe Imports Europe, source coffee in the countries of origin and often mediate between small farms and roasters, who rely on their help in handling the many steps involved in the coffee trade. For the Berlin Batch Cafe Imports will open their books: The idea’s to give everyone a better understanding of where the costs of producing coffee lie. There’s the picking of the ripe cherries by hand, the depulping, the careful drying and of course the transport, the warehousing and finally the roasting. In order to close the circle from farm to cup we invited Steven Vargas since it is rare opportunity for producers to get the to meet the people drinking the final product and to have a direct exchange with them.

One kilo of the Berlin Batch green coffee costs 11,28€. The costs are composed of:

The second diagram shows an example of all the costs incurred in a small roastery: In our example, the calculation is based on a roastery that roasts about 15 tons of green coffee per year and employs two people. The price of 36,80€/kilo is the price for wholesale customers, such as cafés, that buy at least 200kg of roasted coffee a year.

Berlin, and beyond

Throughout the festival you can see for yourself how differently coffee from one single origin can taste like. You can find the different roast of the Berlin Batch all over Sunday's big coffee market in Markthalle Neun but can also discover them throughout the Festival Week.

The Participating roasters:

Coffee Circle
Five Elephant
Flying Roasters
Neues Schwarz
The Barn
Wood Grouse Coffee Roasters