Brûlerie Belleville


Named for the cozy neighbourhood of Paris known as Belleville, La Brûlerie was founded just five years ago. Today, our heart and soul lives at La Fontaine de Belleville, and in September, we will celebrate the opening of a new roastery, steps from the canal.

To continue achieving ever higher levels of quality, we buy coffee from passionate people, and we hire those that experiment, test, and question every decision. Yet, our mission can be summed up into one simple sentence: Democratize good coffee.
While we love a mind-blowing filter or espresso every now and then, we think that a good cup needn’t be expensive - or rare - or consumed. Our coffee is best shared with neighbours, elbows on the counter, and a tartine of bread and - pardon our french - damn good butter.

We look forward to making you a coffee in Berlin!