Ben Rahim


At Ben Rahim, we emphasize arabian hospitality and celebrate making as well as serving great coffee and tea, as they are an important part of arabic and tunisian culture. Our coffee is sourced from our partners Square Mile Coffee Roasters London and April Coffee Copenhague. We brew filter varieties for our guests, serve up flat whites and draw nitro coffee - but our biggest passion is the Ibrik coffee (Arab/ Turkish coffee) which is the root of all coffee beverages and a traditional arab drink. Taking Ibrik to another level, we have created several refreshing Ibrik cocktails which we also competed twice with at the London Coffee Master´s competition. Our small food menu is inspired by arabian and tunisian flavours, from a sweet chamia croissant and juicy semolina cake to cheese pastirma croissants. We are a tiny coffee shop, but always strive for the highest quality and for developing new unique creations and recipees while staying true to our tunisian roots.